The full of a smile is infinite!
May your future be full of a smile.
May a lot of happiness be poured on your future.

What's 54?

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It’s such an image as getting the birdie at golfing.

For example, if you get birdies at all 18 holes of the par 72 golf course, your score comes to 54 (72-18=54)!

☆Feeling for 54 ☆

We can’t put out the past. However, we can change the now and the future.

Even if you hit “ten” at one hole, it’s the “past” thing and you should change your mind to proceed to the next hole, which is full of possibility!

Also It contains the meaning of playing every hole valuably and preciously.

In addition we can compare golf with our life and vice versa.

We can choose such a way as spending our life valuably and preciously every day.

We can regard every minute and second as the moment to grow and can change the negative happening to the positive one if we bear the mind to learn.

“54 mind” will bring much more growth to our life and will bring smiles and wealth to golf and our life


Takamasa Kumeta

Born in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Actively playing golf as a professional golf coach since 2001

Putting a great deal efforts to bring up junior golfers, who are thanking so much for being made to grow their minds as well by learning golf

Giving lessons at 4places answering the request from many guests such as beginner golfers, advanced golfers and athlete golfers


≪Wish to send the smile power to the world ≫

It is said that our brains are full of the alpha wave when we are smiling.
It is also said that the alpha wave activates our potential ability which we originally have but is hidden.
And smile gives us and surroundings the feeling of happiness, which urges the secretion of hormone to bring the active circulation of the blood which is good for the health of our body and mind and contributes to keep young.

≪The infinitive power by smiles≫

Noticing this power If it could be shaped such as “wearing a smile”, those who wear a smile or who are looking at them may feel happiness in their mind.

I think “wearing a smile” can spread the chain of happiness.

How wonderful if we could spread the chain of happiness by merely wearing a smile.

The “power of smile” would be a base to make golf, business and our life expand more and more.
Being smile will make us happy.
And being happy will be linked to our neighbors and soon it will be spreaded out like a ripple to your precious neighbors.

I would like to create such a world!!

I wish you and your precious persons be full of happiness

I always design with this concept.
May your future be full of more and more infinite smiles♪
May so much happiness be poured on your future♪

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